What is the perpinan project?

At the core of The Perpinan Project is a focus on developing a local cycling community that fosters the growth of the sport within the state. We create stronger athletes through sport specific education, individualized training programs, and nutritional guidance that allows each client to reach goals they never thought were possible. 

With The Perpinan Project you will have access to:

Structured Workouts
Engaging, individualized, specific workouts geared towards improving weaknesses and fostering your strengths. 

Unlimited Communication 
One on one communication designed to engage, educate, and motivate. Promoting daily feedback and a sense of mentorship.

Coach-led Group Training and One-on-One Rides
Monthly individual rides (by appointment) that will enhance the education process and enable in person technique review accompanied by a Q&A period. As well as weekly group rides that will build camaraderie, promote healthy competition and develop tactical savviness.

Additional Perks
Strength training programs aligned with and designed to enhance your individualized structured cycling program. 

Basic nutritional guidance ensuring the athlete is reaping the benefits of the work completed.

Competitive athletes participating in the Bill Bone ProAm Series will have access to The Perpinan Project race day tent. Direct drive trainers will be available for race day warm up and cool down. Along with other amenities to ensure you’re competing and recovering at your best.